5 Unconventional Ways to Use Laser Level You Never Imagined

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There’s a tons way to use laser level; this article isn’t for listing some generic uses like tiling, grading, hanging picturesOpens in a new tab.. How about aside from main-stream and start using them in some cool & unconventional ways?

In this article, i’m going to show you some out of the box ways to use laser levels.

It took me hours to find these cool hacks from the internet.

I hope you’ll like it.

1. Calligraphy

What’s matter most in calligraphy? it’s the style & alignment of fonts. For alignment, you can use pencils; but a laser level suits best. Below is an artist doing calligraphy with the help of laser level.

Isn’t satisfying?

Line laser levels can work nicely here. Remember, all you have to do while not moving the paper.

2. Cake Decorating

A laser level can help you to put icing in a straight line along the outer walls of the cake & in a straight line. Place the laser level at some distance from the cake just like the picture below.


The beauty of this hack is, marking your cake with threads often leave some scratch marks and laser level can eliminate this. Looks promising?


This hack was originally posted by this blog.Opens in a new tab.

3. Cutting Drapery Fabric

Do you feel difficulties while cutting Drapery Fabric? They are long and marking a line on them can be a tough job. You can do it via laser level easily. Just flatten the drapery on the floor and put a laser level to mark where you need cutting.

Done, now you can easily cut. Thank you, Jennifer, from dimplesandtanglesOpens in a new tab. blog for this great trick.

laser 3

4. Quilting

If your quilting process needs to be done in a straight line, you need to buy a laser level right now. Trust me it makes marking straight line hell easier.

Kathy in her blog has writtenOpens in a new tab. how she used a laser level to quilting blocks in a line. Just place the line laser and get the work done.

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5. Make Your grass look like red bioluminescent algae

Planning to host a house party? running out of ideas to decorate your house?

This mind-blowing thread on redditOpens in a new tab. has taught me an extraordinary way to use a laser level. When you beam laser laver on grass, they look like red bioluminescent algae. See the picture below.



Just get multiple laser levels if your area is big.  You can even rent laser levels if you are on a strict budget.  Give your lawn a stunning look. Also, as these are class 2 lasers, these are safe for skin. Just make sure not to se them directly.

Got any trick? Comment below


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