List of Top Laser Level Rental Services in USA + Price

laser rental

Are you running out of the budget to get a laser level for your project? Or you need a laser level for small tasks?

Our recommendation will always to buy a laser level;

Not convinced? Perhaps, do you know you can rent a laser level too?

In this topic, we have listed some popular laser level rental services across united states who offer rental service of laser levels. As per, on an avg. People rent laser level kit for ~40 days.

There are tons of services offers this service individually in different states but below companies can provide you laser level anywhere in the US.

Let me tell you 1 out of 3 people in united states looks for renting laser level rather than buying. However, most people rent construction laser level kits. If you are looking for a line or dot levels, read our post.

Let’s start,

HomeDepot (Rent + Buy New)

Homedepot is united states popular tools e-com website. Perhaps, After Amazon, it has the largest inventory of tools. It has a rental service where you can rent industrial tools for your work. That’s nice for the people looking tools for a short range of time.

Homedepot charges you on an hourly basis, straightforward. You will be charged only for the time you have rented. They have a daily, weekly and 4 weekly plan also. You need to put your zip code to check availability and pricing as per your location.

4 hours is the minimum time frame you have to rent. You have to show valid ID proof, and your age must be 18+. They accept only credit card.

For more terms & Conditions follow their TOC PageOpens in a new tab.

Rent from Homedepot here. – visit hereOpens in a new tab.

Kwipped (Rent + Lease)

Kwipped is another pioneer in laser level rental service. Unlike homedepot, it only rent or leases tools. They too provide service across united states. They have daily, weekly & monthly plans too. The prices vary for different models of laser level.

However, the more time you rent, the lesser you have to pay.

Planning to take for 2 yr, 3yr or maybe 5 yr? You can opt their lease option where you can take their tool in a lease for a heavy length period. The charm of leasing option is that you will get an option to own the tool for some reasonable amount.

Awesome, use them before you own them.To rent, just fill the form providedOpens in a new tab.. For more information visit – this pageOpens in a new tab.

UnitedRentals (Rent + Buy Used)

Founded in 1997, UnitedRentals is just another service dedicated to equipment rentals. Along with rental service, they also offer buying used tools. Being public limited company, it owns the trust. Their service functions in Canada too.

UnitedRentals provides the service across every part of United States. However, the tools are subjected to availability. To check the price and availability, enter the zip code of your area in their website(you must have to create an account).

They offer daily, weekly & monthly package.

To rent fill the details – hereOpens in a new tab.

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