Top 20 Handyman Blogs You Need to Follow Right Now

Handyman Blogs You Need to Follow

Are you a handyman looking for creative ideas or convenient methods to renovate your house?

Being a handyman has its perks. Almost every house needs repairs or improvements from time to time. Do you follow the DIY blogs to stay on top of your handy-game?

Well, it’s not your fault if you don’t know where to start. There are a plethora of blogs on the internet.

However, I’ve done the hard work and listed the 20 Handyman Blogs  for you to follow. If you keep track of the blogs I’ve picked, you’ll triumphantly be the handyman of your house.

It’s about time you knew how to fix stuff that you thought needed professionals.

Here are the 20 Handyman Blogs:

  1. The Family Handyman

The Family HandymanOpens in a new tab. first came out as a magazine by UPD in 1951. Now Trusted Media Brands, Inc. runs it. Nonetheless, you can find new posts and the magazine content on their blog.

The blog comes in handy for all the amateur and veteran handymen. The blog consists of how-to articles and DIY tutorials on home repairs, woodworks, lawn, bathroom, and kitchen remodeling.

Also, you can become a professional by enrolling at their DIY University. How cool is that!

How to Grow Greener GrassOpens in a new tab. is my favorite post. It came in handy for my lawn.


  1. Hunker

Run by a diverse team, including Leonora Epstein, HunkerOpens in a new tab. believes that handymen should get creative with their homes, and not just experts.

The blog offers advice and DIY tutorials on home designs. Not only that, but they also feature tours of different houses and hotels around the world for your inspirations.

Create a Modern Vertical Garden Using IKEA Bed SlatsOpens in a new tab. was my favorite, and you’ll like it too if you plan on gardening in a small space.


  1. The Spruce

Part of the Dotdash, of which Neil Vogel is the CEO, The SpruceOpens in a new tab. is run by the creative writers on board.

The blog offers DIY tips on interiors, gardening, home repairs, and cleaning to bring out the best in your home. Besides, the blog provides product reviews, and I’m confident they’re trustworthy.

How to Install a Kitchen Sink DrainOpens in a new tab. is my savior and remains as my treasured post.



  1. Popular Mechanics

Henry H. Windsor founded the Popular MechanicsOpens in a new tab. Magazine in 1902. Thus, making it one out of the history books.

They offer their expert advice for home improvements. However, it’s not just that. Popular Mechanics also publishes on car maintenance and technological advancements.

You can build a lot from: How I Learned To Build With MetalOpens in a new tab.


  1. DIY Network

Coming from the Scripps Networks, DIY NetworkOpens in a new tab. offers what’s in its name.

They make step-by-step videos that make it super-convenient for you to follow. From decorating to repairs, plumbing and electrical wiring to gardening and woodworks, the network covers it all.

If you can learn How to Make An Oak And Aluminium FrameOpens in a new tab., then ornamental frames will add to the beauty of your house.


  1. DoItYourself

DoItYourselfOpens in a new tab. has been offering advice and tutorials for over 100 things that you can do on your own. They offer their help in interiors, electronics, cleaning, plumbing, woodworking, cars, and many more.

Not only that, they offer their unbiased buying guides. Have you built something on your own? If yes, then you can earn some appreciation by posting on their blog.

13 Tool Gifts for the DIY Opens in a new tab.Dad for Father’s Day is my top pick as I completed my toolbox.


  1. This Old House

Russel Morash had an idea for his farmhouse from 1851. This Old HouseOpens in a new tab. was an inspiration that led to 18 Emmy Awards show.

The blog offers how-to projects in the kitchen, bathroom, and lawn with creative design ideas.

My favorite: How to Build and Hang a Porch SwingOpens in a new tab.


  1. Bob Vila

Robert Vila (Bob) hosted the This Old House and then founded the Bob VilaOpens in a new tab.. First, it was a television show, and now a blog that offers a complete guide on DIY home improvements.

The blog offers how-to(s) and buying guides for the handymen, as well as interesting reads from their writers.

My pick for the kitchen: The Best Kitchen Trash Cans for Every BudgetOpens in a new tab.


  1. Today’s Home Owner

Today’s Home OwnerOpens in a new tab. is a weekly television, radio show, and blog run by the expert Danny Lipford.

The blog shares DIY tips and tutorials for home improvement for every room and the garden. You can also ask Danny to help you.

This one is for autistic kids, and my favorite: 5 Tips to Design a Calming Bedroom for a Child with AutismOpens in a new tab..


  1. HomeTips

Don Vandervort, the home expert from HGTV, brings you tips on home improvement through HomeTipsOpens in a new tab..

You can go through buying guides, installation guides, how-to(s), and also know about how the appliances work.

Game of Thrones is over, but winter will still be coming, How to Install a Tankless Water HeaterOpens in a new tab. will get you through.


  1. Garage Tool Advisor

Chris and his contractor friends started Garage Tool AdvisorOpens in a new tab. to help out their fellow handymen. He has been doing his works all by himself. Also, he helps others with theirs.

In his blogs, Chris guides about home repairs, different tools, and other helpful tips that ought to make your DIYs easier.

The How to Get Dog and Cat Urine Smell Out of Concrete postOpens in a new tab. is one for the pet-owners.


  1. Handy

HandyOpens in a new tab. is the work of UmangDua, Oisin Hanrahan, Weina Scott, and Ignacio Leonhardt. These guys blog tips for easing the home-life, guides, and how-to(s) to solve everyday home problems.

That’s not the only thing they do. If you can’t do it yourself, you can hire professional handymen for a reasonable price thanks to Handy.

My pick from the blogs: How to Remove Rust: Four Conveniently Easy WaysOpens in a new tab.


  1. The Ugly Duckling House

Sarah shares her experiences as she transforms her Ugly Duckling HouseOpens in a new tab. into a beautiful one.

Although she has had her misadventures, her blogs are humorous and of great help. Also, she cooks and blogs about it. She will bring creativity to your handy-crafts!

Get creative, read DIY House Numbers Sign for the MailboxOpens in a new tab..


  1. Centsational Style

Though a lawyer by profession, Kate Riley turned into a design blogger with Centsational StyleOpens in a new tab..

She writes about her travels, but most importantly, her focus is on interior designs, DIY projects, and smart home improvements.

My pick from her blog: Flip House Kitchen RemodelOpens in a new tab.


  1. The DIY Bungalow

Karen Cooper is another lawyer-turned-DIY blogger behind The DIY BungalowOpens in a new tab..

She writes about decorations, upcycling, cleaning, shopping tips, and other DIY projects that are easy-to-follow.

My pick: Turn an Old Drawer Into a CabinetOpens in a new tab.


  1. Young House Love

Sherry and John, a lovely couple from Virginia, demonstrate their home projects and guide the readers on Young House LoveOpens in a new tab. to improve their homes.

They have renovated their home five times and shared over 3,000 DIY projects.

The post I loved: How I Style A Bookshelf (Captured On Video In Fast Motion)Opens in a new tab.


  1. DIY Doctor

Mike Edwards had a mishap in one of his DIY projects. Blaming the lack of knowledge and experience, he founded the DIY DoctorOpens in a new tab. so that the other handymen don’t face any misfortune.

Now he shares how-to(s) with interactive videos and blogs. He also runs his tool store so you can get what you need, and not something you’d “probably” use in 10 years.

What I liked the most: Building a Shed BaseOpens in a new tab.


  1. Fix This Build That

Brad will help you to Fix This and Build ThatOpens in a new tab.. If you want your custom chairs and tables, you should give it a read.

In his blogs, he shares how he builds his furniture and also shares tips and guides for working tools.

My favorite build: DIY Desk with DrawersOpens in a new tab.


  1. Build Something

With Kreg, you can learn how to Build SomethingOpens in a new tab.. He writes about how-to(s), DIY tips, and guides.

He shares his plans (that’s what he calls them) on building things that are bound to make your house more beautiful and convenient.

What I liked the most: Rustic Bathroom VanityOpens in a new tab.


  1. Remodelaholic

Cassity is an interior designer and the woman running RemodelaholicOpens in a new tab..

She, along with her husband, shares her adventures of remodeling her house, all that you can DIY. The detailed pictures and videos will make you a pro at remodeling, recycling, and reusing.

My recommended read: $950 Budget Bathroom MakeoverOpens in a new tab.



Ideally, one should save money while he can in this economy. When it comes to house repairs and décor, you can do it with thrift by being a handyman.

With these blogs, you’d be able to bring in innovation and perfection in your handyman-ship.

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