7 Best Angle Finder For DIY and Professionals

Best Angle Finder for Profressionals and DIY

Angle finders can save time and effort when trying to find any angle by simply placing an angle finding tool onto the area or angle you are looking to take a measurement from. It’s a great tool for all trades from Carpenters to Tilers, from DIY to Metalworkers. With a little more research, we have a list of the 7 Best Angle Finder’s to save you searching the web.

My experience:

I have used Digital Angle Finders starting some 12 years ago and was not a fan. I felt that the angles displayed were not 100% accurate and found myself double-checking using the 3 measurements rule to find precise measurements. Jump to today, even the budget angle finders are reasonably well-calibrated and precise when trying to find the degrees of an angle with both speed and accuracy.

What is an angle finder?

An angle finder is a tool that will allow you to find the amount of degrees difference between two surfaces. For instance, if you were looking to find how much in degrees the incline of a staircase was from horizontal, you could use the angle finder to get the angle incline in degrees.

This angle can then be transferred to the material you are working on to replicate that angle.

What is an angle finder?
Credit :Trend

The majority of angle finders consist of 2 legs that pivot from one central point. Angle finders come in either a digital output to measure the degrees or angled digits laser printed onto the finder itself.

To keep accuracy when measuring, some angle finders come with a lock once you have opened the legs to find the angle, you can lock into position so you can move the angle finder to make reading the correct angle. Some of the Digital angle finders have a ‘hold’ button that will allow recall of the angle measured.

Uses of a Angle Finder

My trade is toughened glass and we use angle finders to measure glass when used in the making of stair balustrades and decorative glass panels for staircases. We also used the angle finder for shower glass apertures where glass showers were required in an attic for instance. We tried plenty of finders who all worked reasonably well

All Professional trades will use an angle finder at some point, uses can be seldom or for everyday tasks.

Tasks Include:

  • Moldings, Crown Moldings
  • Skirting boards
  • Staircases
  • Roofing
  • Engineering
  • Mitre cuts
  • Drywall or Plasterboard
  • Hobbies
  • Glass

At home or in the Shop, Digital angle finders are a greatly appreciated tool once you start to use one!

So without further ado enjoy our review!

1# Best Professional Angle Finder

BOSCH GAM 270 MFL BOSCH 5-in-1 Digital Angle Finder and InclinometerOpens in a new tab.

BOSCH 5 in 1 Digital Angle Finder and Inclinometer GAM 270 MFL
BOSCH 5-in-1 Digital Angle Finder and Inclinometer GAM 270 MFL

If you are serious about angles and either a tradesperson or surveyor, then you have most probably come across the Bosch GAM series angle finders. It’s one of the best-selling professional Digital Angles finders on the market and provides accuracy and ease of use.

The GAM comes in two sizes The Bosch GAM220Opens in a new tab. (17 Inch Leg) and the hereby reviewed Bosch GAM270 (24-inch Leg)

The Bosch 270 offers everything an angle finder should measure. With a ‘five in one tool,’ it will come in handy across all trades and uses.

The Bosch Power Tools GAM 270 MFL Digital Angle Finder and Inclinometer is five tools in one: a digital angle finder, an inclinometer, a miter cut calculator, a protractor and a digital level. The angle finder provides accurate angle targets, while the inclinometer offers precise measurements in degrees.

The Bosch Angle finder is also equipped with an integrated laser, allowing the user to transfer inclination measurements up to 100 ft. The tool has two easy-to-read illuminated, flip displays, one for the inclinometer and one for the angle finder.

As a user, you are able to easily reuse and transfer save measurements with the hold function. When using a Mitre saw, the cut calculator provides easy saw angle adjustments and a compound miter calculator.

Users can find the miter angle using the tool’s legs, which have an angle range of 0-270°. The compound miter calculator is used to measure joint angles that are not perpendicular. The tool has clearly labeled buttons for straightforward calculations.

As a bonus, The Bosch angle finder has robust housing with IP 54 protection

At a glance:

  • Digital angle finder delivers accurate angle targets
  • Five tools in one: digital angle finder, inclinometer, miter calculator, protractor and level
  • Stores angle and inclinometer measurements in memory for repeated use
  • Inclinometer provides precise measurements in degrees and percentages
  • Two easy-to-read illuminated, flip displays for inclinometer and angle finder
  • Leg extensions – 24 In. long
  • Manual angle finder leg lock, to reposition the same angle
  • Integrated laser for inclination measurements transfer up to 100 ft
  • Robust housing, with IP 54 protection
  • Cut calculator for easy angle adjustments, as well as a compound miter calculator
  • Easy field calibration for consistent results

2# Best Digital Angle Finder

Trend DAF/8 Digital Angle FinderOpens in a new tab.

Trend DAF 8 Digital Angle Finder
Trend digital angle finder

This is my favorite of the Digital angle finders as It’s in my own tool kit for measuring angles on staircases. It’s just one of those bits of kit that you take out use and put away. No fiddling or setting up… its the best angle finder by far.

The Trend Digital Angle Finder calculates angles both quickly and accurately, the key features include a large clear LCD screen/ display with a readout of up to 0.05 degrees accuracy.

Its a lightweight aluminum-made angle finder that is 8 inches in total length

It has a built-in spirit level, just to check those plumb measurements if needed and I use this more frequently thank grabbing an individual spirit level.

It has a twist-lock mechanism, that will allow you to measure angles from 0 degrees to 220 degrees. With the lock unscrewed/ removed, you can measure the full 360 degrees if needed, But I have yet to remove mine.

On the main body of the Trend, you can find measurements in both Imperial and metric if used as a rule, and they are accurate. You can also find at the end of the blade, there is a notch at the end for quick checking for 90 degrees corners. I have never used this but can see the value for carpentry or DIY.

On the digital display, you have a hold button, which is great for measuring tight to get to places, hit the hold button, and regardless of what happens thereafter, you can recall the angle measurement initially.

You can find the battery when needing to replace at the rear on the small circular cap, just twisting off the cap will reveal the battery. The battery is an easy to find CR2 BatteryOpens in a new tab. which you can find hereOpens in a new tab.

At a glance:

  • USE: Calculates angles from 0° to 220°; Robust lightweight aluminium construction with 50mm wide folding metal blade and locking function
  • EASY TO READ: Large clear LCD display with digital readout to allow easy reading of angles
  • APPLICATION: Can be used on internal and external angles
  • ACCURACY: Large aluminium stock for stability and accuracy
  • ROBUST: Lightweight aluminium construction butt

3# Best Budget Angle Finder

Calculated Industries 7489 AccuMASTER Value PackOpens in a new tab.

Calculated Industries 7489 AccuMASTER Value Pack

The AccuMASTER 7489 Digital Angle Finder Ruler by Calculated Industries can help you measure both inside and outside angles as a 360° full-range protractor.

If you use the Angle Finder as a carpenter, a DIY, a hobbyist, or a crafter, it will help you complete your project with accurately measured angles.

This solid angle finder has 7-inch long stainless steel rulers with etched markings in 16ths, 32nds and MMs for clearer reading of precision measurements in your favorite scale. See how its bright display makes reading the digital numbers easy even in dimly lit work areas.

Find out how to use it to verify angles down to a 10th of a degree from 0° to 360° with an Accuracy +/-0.3° so you can build with precision to be proud of. Check out its display “Hold” button and the ability to manually zero at any angle for relative angle measuring so you can check hard-to-reach angles.

It’s perfect for a tool belt due to its sleek size and it is a great addition to the kit or an upgrade if you are using an older digital angle finder.

As a bonus, it comes accompanied with a pocket-size Digital Magnetic Angle Gauge that you can use as a tilt gauge.

You can purchase both separately if required, but the kit is just a great bargain as both prices are reduced as a bundle

Batteries are the same as the Trend CR2 BatteryOpens in a new tab. which you can find hereOpens in a new tab. and also easy to change.

At a glance:

  • VALUE PACK INCLUDES – A precision tools combo of the Digital Angle Finder Ruler and the 2-in-1 Digital Angle Gauge.
  • EASY TO READ: Large clear LCD display with digital readout to allow easy reading of angles
  • APPLICATION: Can be used on internal and external angles
  • ACCURACY: Large aluminium stock for stability and accuracy
  • ROBUST: Pressed Steel
  • Magnatised Base

4# Best Analogue Angle Finder

Miter Saw Protractor, Smolder 7.3” Aluminum Angle FinderOpens in a new tab.

Miter Saw Protractor Smolder 7.3 Aluminum Angle Finder

The smolder Protractor is the best angle finder for those who are looking for Both a budget and a Non-Digital angle finder. Its uses are parallel with the rest in this review but it has the advantage of being ‘analog’ is that the right term?? No Batteries are required!

It’s an aluminum-made finder and should last forever with some tradesmen claiming use for over 10 years of constant use without fail. A much better choice than the plastic versions of these that are prone to wear on the main section of the twist mech.

The etching degree measurements on the protractor are laser is drawn/ cut so are precise when it comes to measuring.

One of the key benefits to this as a tradesman is its size and portability, this is an excellent tool that makes figuring miters and angles easy peasy.

For me, I felt that at the price point and quality of the product, feedback from users and the general stance the manufacturer that takes on warranty claims without fuss, it had the be on the Best Angle Finder list.

Ladies, if you’re looking for a birthday gift for your guy, this is a stocking filler!

At a glance:

  • Manual angle reader, does not require batteries to operate
  • EASY TO READ: Large clear LCD display with digital readout to allow easy reading of angles
  • APPLICATION: Can be used on internal and external angles
  • ACCURACY: Precision laser notched markings
  • ROBUST: Machined Aluminium
  • Portable

5# Best waterproof Angle Finder

Stabila 36520 24-Inch Electronic MagneticOpens in a new tab.

Stabilia 36520 24 Inch Level angle finder

Looking for something more Durable… then welcome the Stabila 24 inch angle finder with an IP65 water and Dust Rating!

From the established brand, Stabila who is synonymous with levels anyway has a range of angle finders and this angle finder is on the premium range with a premium spec.

Easy to read angle finder which is more of an inclinometer so to say, had all the functions of most and the great little beep when the level is plumb… It’s great if you can’t see the level when positioning timbers etc.

if you want to go with a tried and true brand with guaranteed accuracy with very simple controls plus a carrying case and drop protection this is the one to get. Controls are simple and screen is easy to read. Has several different modes

Joshua H

24inches of Aluminium make up the level which even if you don’t need the angle element, makes up a top-quality straight level for basic use.

As with all Stabila products, it comes with a 2-year product guarantee and I am sure it will last for many years thereafter (originally available from 2011)

At a glance:

  • Display flips when positioned upside down to read correctly
  • Lighted digital display
  • Select different modes, degrees; percent; & rise and run
  • Metric or inch readings
  • Temporarily hold display readings

6# Best Angle finder with Sliding Bevel

General Tools T-Bevel Gauge & ProtractorOpens in a new tab.

General Tools T-Bevel Gauge & Protractor

The General tools T bevel Guage is best angle finder for smaller projects and for the Shop rather than site work. It’s small, portable, and easy to use when working on smaller projects.

As I researched more into the General, I found that its users are a mix of cabinet-makers, hobbyists and Craftsmen, this is where the General comes into its own.

The fact the general can be used as a sliding bevel, which most of now all carpenters own plus the fact you can read the angle of the T bevel is a huge bonus. This is especially useful if you are providing calculations or pre-determining a draft project onto paper or CAD.

The General is lightweight and probably the most delicate of the products I have reviewed anyway so definitely for the heavyhanded of us on the tools out there!

Talking of light, the ‘General T bevel’ weighs in at just over 6.5 ounces, and its size is 5.3 inches. It has a stainless steel blade that can both slide and swing from left to right of the handle and has an impact-resistant ABS handle so easy to hold. Uses the same Battery as most of the others in the range.

It has an easy-to-find hold button to keep the info on the screen with recall. and the display is easy on the eyes so no squinting on this one! Replacement batteriesOpens in a new tab. for the General are the CR2

At a glance:


7# Best Pocket Digital Angle Finder

Klein Tools 935DAGL Digital Level Angle FinderOpens in a new tab.

Klein Tools 935DAGL Digital Level Angle Finder

The pocket angle finder!

With portability at the center of the design, the Klein Tools 935DAGL Angle Finder is a must for those who work at heights or need to not be cluttered with the larger angle finders.

The Klein Tools Digital Angle Gauge and Level can measure or set angles, check relative angles, or can be used as a digital level. The strong magnetic base attaches to ferromagnetic surfaces such as conduits. Along with dual measurement ranges of 0 to 90-Degree and 0 to 180-Degree, this tool has a high visibility reverse contrast display for easy viewing.

Use as a digital level, measure/set angles, check relative angles. High visibility reverses contrast display auto-rotates when turned.

Strong magnetic base and v-grooves all-around fit conduit contour. 0 to 180-Degree range is useful when accounting for a kickback in pipe bending applications when bending to 90-Degree or more. Display auto-rotates when upside-down for easy viewing. Water and dust resistant with a rating of IP42.

Soft carrying case and two AAA batteries included. Replacement batteriesOpens in a new tab. for the Klein Tools 935DAGL Here

At a glance:

  • Digital level measures 0 to 90-Degree, 0 to 180-Degree, or dual axis bullseye ranges
  • Pre-programmed commonly used target pitches for efficiency and ease-of use: 1/8-Inch, 1/4-Inch, 3/8-Inch and 1/2-Inch per foot
  • Easily achieve target angle by setting an audible alarm; LCD will change color as a visual indicator of reaching the set target angle
  • Use in bullseye orientation to accurately determine X- and Y-axis
  • Display auto-rotates when used in horizontal or vertical orientation
  • High visibility reverse contrast display improves visibility in dimly lit work environments
  • Strong magnetic base attaches to ferromagnetic surfaces


To round up the Best angle finder review, we would love to hear your comments and how you use your angle finders. As mentioned, I would not leave it out of my tool kit for one instance. When I carry out a site visit or measure, my Trend angle finder is by my side as it is my Dewalt Laser level and my Leica D2 distance measure for a true Digital measuring service

For those of you who are not sure, here is a basic overview of how to use an angle finder, which we hope you enjoy.

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